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Timber-concrete composite floor systems for tall buildings ...

Timber-concrete composite floor systems are able to span further than conventional timber floor systems, thereby reducing the number of columns and bearing walls in a building and making it

Design and testing of a composite timber and concrete ...

Timber-concrete composite construction allows structurally efficient use of both timber and concrete whilst retaining the high heat capacity of a concrete floor slab.

Pollmeier BauBuche - Timber-Concrete Composite Slab

Storeys A and B are made from reinforced concrete, while the support structure for storeys C and D features a timber skeleton design (column-beam frame construction), and the storey C floor

Timber-Concrete Composite Floor Systems - WoodWorks

Competitive long-span floor systems made with mass timber-concrete composite panels are an opportunity to expand the use of wood framing in a variety of occupancy and building types,

Timber-Concrete Composite | Mass Timber | StructureCraft

Timber-Concrete Composite (TCC) is a technology which focuses on optimizing performance and material requirements by engineering a structural connection between timber and concrete

Research Spotlight: Wood-Concrete Composite Systems ...

Description: Wood-concrete composites are floor and deck systems which comprise of a concrete slab integrally connected to wooden beams or a laminated wooden slab beneath by means of a shear

Timber Concrete Composite (TCC) Floors | WoodSolutions

Using timber concrete composite (TCC) floors in multi-storey buildings is a viable, lightweight alternative to other flooring systems that offers potential cost savings and environmental

Timber-Concrete Composite Floor Technology - WoodWorks

Course Description Timber-concrete composite floor technology is catching on in North America as a high -performance solution for long spans in commercial and industrial buildings.


Timber concrete composite technology was first introdu-ced into the construction industry several decades ago. ... forces that arise (usually on the underside of the floor). As timber,

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